Recommended Resource – Final FRCA

This new release from Sumner et al. is an absolute must if you’re revising for the final FRCA exam. It’s up to date with the new exam requirements, concise but detailed enough to know you’re covering the right amount of information, and remains approachable and isn’t daunting to read. We’re currently using it ourselves to revise and wish we’d discovered it sooner!

This book definitely receives 5* from us!

Reviews on Amazon

Really good book. Gives structured realistic CRQS and SBA’s. Lots and lots of knowledge in the answers chapters are well as some useful hints for exam technique.
Layout is clear and easy to use. I think this is the best CRQ Book i’ve used.

Brilliant resource, also incorporates the relatively new CRQ format which is not found in many books. Covers a wide range of topics and questions presented in an exam style format. Detailed answer papers help fill gaps in knowledge and complement further revision. A really valuable book to use as part of Final FRCA preparation!

I used this book whilst revising for the Final RCoA written exam and found it really helpful. There aren’t many resources out there for the new CRQ format so this book is a welcome addition. The themes covered are extremely relevant and the answers given give good explanations as to what they are testing and references for further reading. I found the SBA section hard! But again this is good in terms of revision.
Overall I Would recommend this book.

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